► High-frequency modeling and characterization of printed organic crystalline transistors

Dr.-Ing. Martin Claus

Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik u. Elektronik
Professur für Elektronische Bauelemente und Integrierte Schaltungen

Professor Dr. Stefan Mannsfeld

Technische Universität Dresden
Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden                                                   

Project Summary

From an application point of view, organic devices are often considered too slow for wireless applications due to their low mobilities and related low transit frequencies. On the other hand, organic materials allow fabrication on flexible plastic substrates at moderate fabrication costs with a high throughput. Very recent advances in fabrication of single crystalline films have lead to very high mobilities which, for carefully designed transistor architectures, will push the transit frequencies to values which meet the requirements of wireless applications. In addition, by exploiting the non-quasi-static operation regime of the transistors, circuits operating at tens, hundreds of MHz or even GHz become feasible. With the progress in organic electronics made over the last years, the demand for adequate modeling support beyond the quasi-static approximation thus increases.This project aims to develop and provide device models for organic single crystalline thin films which enable device optimization and circuit design for high-frequency and non-quasi-static operation. A tight collaboration between model development and experimental studies ensures a careful model verification and calibration as well as experimental proof-of-concepts for high-frequency transistor and circuit operation.